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Within Tempation Icon Challenge [entries|friends|calendar]
Within Temptation Icon Challenge

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Welcome to Within Temptation Icon Challenge, a community that holds weekly contests for Within Temptation icons. Each contest will have a different theme, which will be decided by me, evanescencerox9, the maintainer.

- Your icon must follow LJ rules
- Do not display your entry anywhere else until contest is done.
- Your entry must be made by you.
- You must follow the guidelines of my post of the week.
- Only one entry per person, per challenge (unless I say otherwise).
- Be original, no copying.
- Your icon may only win one award per challenge.
More in-depth rules in user info.

Features Within Temptation.
Layout by Evanescencerox9 @ LJ.
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Mmmmmm [
Apr, 2nd 2007

[ mood | annoyed ]

So, we're past the deadline scheduled and ZERO entries. If I don't get any entires in the next week, I'm giving up on this comm. Period, end of story. If not one of you cares enough to submit one puny (could be crappy, I'd care less) 100x100 graphic within a week, I'm going to assume that it's not even worth trying to keep this commmunity going. If that sounds bitchy, oh well. No one's responded to me being nice or asking politely or begging on my knees, so we'll see how the bitchy factor works out.


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Banners [
Mar, 18th 2007

All caught up on banners now

Come and get emCollapse )
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Challenge 22 [
Mar, 18th 2007

Theme: New Photoshoot
Due: Friday, March 30th (assuming we have more than 5 icons)
Details: Easy one. Make an icon using at least one of the pictures from this new photoshoot. You may submit up to 3 icons.
Pictures: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Pic 9 from sharondenadel.net
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Winner!! [
Mar, 18th 2007

WinnerCollapse )
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Yes, I will spam your friends page thank you very much [
Mar, 11th 2007

New layout. Check it out, it's pretty. I'm gonna go pimp the comm in some other comms soon. Just you wait, your friends page is gonna hate me =P And I tagged all the entries I could and I'm updating the memories. I am crazy, it's true. Yes, anyway now do me a favor and VOTE. Thank you.
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Reminder [
Mar, 11th 2007

C'mon, I only need 2 more people to vote and we can close the voting and get a new challenge going!!! I know there have to be at least 2 more of you guys here!!

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Mar, 1st 2007

Vote... Please?Collapse )
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New Challenge! [
Mar, 22nd 2006

Wow, I finally get to post one of these!

Theme: Lyrics Challenge - Jane Doe
Due: Monday, April 3rd
Details: Make an icon using a a part of the text from the song Jane Doe, an unrealsed track from WT. You may not use any other text, though or cut and paste from the text (Like for Ice Queen, you couldn't say "Your heart turns to stone when you see the ruins of our world" or whatever). You may submit as many icons as you like.
Lyrics: Under the cutCollapse )
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